Being Photogenic {Amelia Island Portrait Photographer}

I have been thinking a great deal about the concept of being photogenic lately, and how many people believe they are not so...and run from the camera. I share a few thoughts in the video below:

I feel sad when I hear people say that they dislike being photographed.  I have to admit, I have been known to utter the phrase "I'm more comfortable behind the camera," i.e. every photographer's excuse to not be photographed.

But what was I really saying?

  • That I felt unworthy to have portraits taken?
  • That I felt like I needed to drop a few pounds?
  • That I felt awkward because I didn't know how to pose.
  • That I would not like what I saw?

Yep - I was saying all of that and more.  What took me a little while to realize was that I just needed someone capable to photograph me.  After much trial and error, I finally found photographers in my own genre, put myself in front of a lens, and came away with some of the most incredible photographs of myself I have ever had.  You know why?  I was in the hands of colleagues who knew how to capture me at my best.  More on that experience in another post.

The takeaway is this: if we don't put ourselves in front of a lens, how will we ever exist in photographs?  Don't let your fear of not liking what you see keep you from being photographed.  I did not give in to that fear and am happier and more confident for it, plus I have incredible pictures my family and I will treasure.

Won't you join us for a complimentary consultation my team and I can show you how we create beautiful portraits?  You will be safe and comfortable in our capable hands, that I promise you.  

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