Experience a Session {Amelia Island Portrait Photographer}

M.Bee Studio is a full service studio, and works closely with each client to create a unique and personalized experience.  We promise this will be unlike any portrait session you have ever had!

Our portrait packages begin with a complimentary consultation.  I like to get to know you, and why and how you would like to be photographed.  We discuss looks, review potential wardrobe options - including studio wardrobe pieces that are available to you.  We talk about silhouettes that are the most flattering, colors that compliment you and make you feel comfortable, and how and when to prepare for your photo session.  We look at heirloom prints and products that are available to you once your images are ready.  We might have a macaron and some coffee.  And you leave with a package of guides to help you prepare.  And if you have any questions after you leave, we are only a call/text/email away!

On the day of your session, the studio is yours for the time of your booking.  We have refreshments and music to set the mood.  Our capable hair and makeup professionals work with you to bring out the best of your features.  After you have been expertly made up, we begin with the first of our looks and go from there - be prepared to have a "model-like" experience, complete with fans and sequins!

The photo shoot itself may be cause for nerves for some.  Not to worry, I will be there to guide you through every step of the way!  I will pose you to ensure we bring out the best in YOU, probably while making some pretty bad jokes in the process.  That's probably the most difficult part for my clients: laughing at my awful punch lines so they don't hurt my feelings.  Our hair and makeup pros remain on hand throughout our session for touch ups and updates that are required for each look.  It is a true team effort and we always have fun doing it.

Make sure you plan an evening out once the session is over, because you're going to look and feel like a million bucks!

Now comes the hard part: waiting.  Within approximately two weeks, I will contact you to schedule your reveal appointment.  During the reveal, you come back into the studio and have some light refreshments, while we look at the expertly retouched and finished images - the best of your session.  I strive to provide between 20-30 images for each session, more if more than one person participated in the shoot.  There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything, you only buy what you love. We have both print packages and a la carte pricing of wall portraits or canvases, all of which are discussed during our consultation - no surprises here!  A digital file of each purchased print is included, we want you to have digital versions to share online in addition to your archival prints.  Once you place your order for your desired images, we will deliver them to you (personally when possible, via mail if you are not local,) or you can pick them up in the studio.  We know you would like your images as soon as possible to we try to get them to you as soon as we can.  

The below video provides a brief glimpse into one of our sessions.  Intrigued?  Book yours today!  Contact us to find out how.