The Modern Headshot with Mark {Amelia Island Portrait Photographer}


One of my favorite things to do is photograph theatrical productions.  I started doing so as a yearbook photographer in college, and saw some wonderful shows on my assignments.  After a very long (nearly 20-year) break, I had the opportunity to get back to it for our local community theater.  It's my way of contributing to the arts, and I have met some incredible talent along the way.

Mark, scruffy vs clean-shaven.  Both winners!

I first photographed Mark when he was Dr. Frank-N-Further in the company's annual production of The Rocky Horror Show.  I had lugged all of my equipment to the theater and set up in the lobby while the cast rehearsed.  I had a vision for promotional stills, and Mark and the actor playing Rocky gamely posed for me, doing everything I asked.  The resulting images were such a treat, and helped to promote the show locally.  

Difficult to choose between color and B&W - so we just did both.  

Mark recently asked me to do some updated headshots ~ we had a loose plan of some that were grittier, and some that were clean.  Mark arrived with the appropriate amount of scruff, a black t-shirt, black pants, and a shaving kit.  Perfect!  We were going for simple and clean and this outfit worked well for that.  

Before the shave.

After some initial, scruffy looks, Mark busted out his shaving kit and we captured a few clean-shaven looks.  Regardless of which, they all turned out beautifully.  Mark is so easy to work with and a master at micro-expressions.  I look forward to following this young man's career!