What is Contemporary Portraiture? {Amelia Island Portrait Photographer}

M.Bee Studio is unique to Amelia Island and much of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia: we are the only full-service studio in our area providing a contemporary portrait experience.  From consultation through image delivery (and beyond!) we work with clients every step of the way to create images like you have never seen.


But what IS Contemporary Portraiture?

Stunning portraits of a stunning woman - something to be treasured.

Simply stated, Contemporary Portraiture is a beautiful and timeless image of you that will be treasured by your family for generations to come.  It is portraiture reimagined.

Scenes from a mother-daughter shoot.


An image that captures both your inner and outer beauty.  An image you and your family will want to look at time and time again because of the emotion it evokes in you.  An image that will outlive you.  

Too often, I hear things like: 

"I don't like being in front of the camera."
"I need to lose ten pounds first."
"What would I do with a photo of myself?"

To be perfectly honest, I may have uttered similar words myself.

Consider this: Do our families care what we weigh?  Or that we feel uncomfortable being in the center of attention? Or that we have no idea what to do with the images once we have them in our hands?  Probably not.

What do they care about?  That they have something tangible to take out and look at.  Something that captures our true selves perfectly because there was a photographer who knew how to draw it out of us.  Something that they can remember us by.  Something they can hold in their hands that is made of archival paper and ink, which they do not have to search for on an obsolete piece of electronic media to access.  

This generational photo session provided images of a grandmother, mother, and daughter that are now treasured family heirlooms.


The time is NOW. Invest in yourself and timeless, heirloom portraits.  Contact us to find out more.