Why m.bee?


Rather than using my full name, I opted to do a play on my initials: MB. I have a very long name, so I frequently sign correspondence with just those two letters.  Some friends just call me MelB.  The m. is self-explanatory, and the bee portion represents not only the first initial of my last name, but the meaning of my first name, Melissa, which is Greek for honey bee.  The name has roots in ancient Greek mythology, where Melissa was one of the nymphs who cared for the infant Zeus by feeding him, appropriately, honey.  

Bees are also associated with regeneration/resurrection, social organization, hard work, the arts, and were even used in reference to the priestess of ancient Ephesus.  Ephesus is not far from where I grew up in Turkey, and is one of the first places I photographed.  It remains one of my very favorite locations.  

It has long since been a goal of mine to establish a photography business, but has taken quite some time to come to fruition. Using a bee as the logo is a wonderful way to tie in the meaning behind my name, the road it took to get here, and the history of the region in which I grew up.  It is the best symbol I could have chosen.