Project 365(6) Week 2 Wrap Up: January 4 - 10, 2016

Happy Monday to you all!  This wrap up covers week 2 of 2016, encompassing January 4-10.  

After a somewhat uninspired first week, I decided to really make an effort to look for opportunities to photograph every day life in a new way.  In other words, I wanted to stay away from the food images as much as possible, because I felt like that was taking the easy way out.  Because I continued the "no theme" theme, I tried to look for moments that would be the most interesting thing that happened to me that day.  As I work from home and have a pretty typical schedule of wake up early, take kids to school, work, shuttle kids to activities, cook, work out, and fall into bed, it's easy to fall into the mundane and not see one item of note in the day.  Turns out, they are everywhere.

Week 2: January 4 - 10, 2016

 In which I learn that my every day life may not be as mundane as I thought.

In which I learn that my every day life may not be as mundane as I thought.

1.  One of my goldendoodles, Oscar, getting some love from an actor at one of our local community theaters.  Oscar will be "playing" the role of Horrid, companion to the knight Pellinore, in an upcoming production of Camelot. I volunteer as a photographer at the theater, and we did cast photos on this day.  Oscar came along for his photo call, and he was a hit - he was showered with attention, and while he seemed to become overwhelmed at times, he still loved it.  Captured with my Nikon D750, I believe I had my 20-35 mm lens on since I'd just done wide angle images of the entire stage.
2.  My younger son, Nico, practicing piano after his karate class one evening (he's still in uniform.)  He just started taking piano lessons - his first class was the day prior.  The instructor likes to challenge her students to do a "practice chain" every January, and Nico was excited to participate.  His 9 year old older brother has been taking lessons for 5 years now, and Nico had never shown an interest until over the holidays.  I'm happy to see him enjoying this new endeavor. Captured with my Niko D750 and 105 mm lens.
3. This is an iPhone photo of the Shave bridge, connecting Talbot Island to Amelia Island.  It crosses over the Intracoastal Waterway, which spills out into the Atlantic Ocean on the right side of the photo.  It was a drizzly, rainy, and somewhat cool day.  My husband was driving me back from a test where I had been sedated, so the rest of my day was spent in a fog...
4. My two goldendoodles, under a built-in corner desk in my kitchen.  The one on the right, Ginger, sleeps under it at night and spends a good amount of time during the day there as well.  Oscar will sometimes chill with her in there - a moment before I got this shot, Ginger had had head on top of Oscar.  It was that image I had been tying to capture, but instead I got the death stare.  Taken with my Nikon D750, 105 mm lens.
5.  I picked up these beans at the market - had never seen them before, they are called Orca Beans.  The black & white color and patterns on the beans were just begging to be photographed, so I thought it might be a nice opportunity to practice with my macro lens.  I love how this came out.  Taken with my Nikon D750 with 105mm lens.
6.  This is where my younger son, Nico, spent the majority of his day - in my and my husband's bed.  He had a high fever, and is thankfully now on the mend.  His father and brother went to a party, and I stayed home with him - we had soup and snuggled, and of course watched The Muppets Treasure Island.  I've never seen the poor kid so miserable and out of it, so I'm glad he was willing to rest and take it easy for once.  He was back to his usual self the next day.  Taken with my Niko D750, 35 mm lens.
7.  My older son, Alex, taking a (forced) reading break from his day of electronics.  He did not get a lot of attention this weekend, one where I had promised him he and I would do something special together, because of how ill his brother was.  He was such a good sport about it and didn't complain.  The way he is sitting and the expression on his face are so "him," and so familiar to me.  I really love this photo.  

What did I learn this week?  My biggest takeaway is solidifying that I really love lifestyle photography and am going to try to work on developing that as much as possible.  I love preserving those little "moments" that may not seem significant at the time.  I may not document milestones, but what I am able to see as a fly on the wall is so much more interesting to me.  Second, and somewhat related to the first point, I realized my days are not as boring and mundane as I thought.  After all, one of my goals in life is to enjoy it and enjoy my time with my family.  Even with the everyday duties and seemingly-endless parenting-related tasks, I find moments that make me smile.  (I also find moments that make me want to tear my hair out, so don't think I'm only seeing the good!)  I think my point is that I don't necessarily need to go on a big trip or throw a lavish party or something along those lines to show my family I love them.  It's in the very day, and capturing those little pieces has reminded me of that.  I am grateful.

Enjoy your week, and please share if you are doing a photo-a-day project in the comments below.