Project 365(6) Week 3 Wrap Up: January 11 - 17, 2016

I have started to look forward to writing these wrap up posts.  I like reflecting back on the week by reviewing each photo I posted and recalling what made that moment the one I wanted to share.  

Week 3: January 11 - 17, 2016

 In which I discover how to find the extraordinary.  

In which I discover how to find the extraordinary.  

1.  Monday morning came with my phone lighting up with news alerts regarding the passing of David Bowie.  While I typically do not take to social media to react to the deaths of public figures, I was truly saddened by the news and felt the need to express that.  I've long been a fan of David Bowie, and when I was dressing for the day, I thought it appropriate to wear this shirt, which has been a favorite for years.  A self portrait for my Project 366 photo seemed like the thing to do.  Still working on being less awkward with my poses.  Taken with my Nikon D750.
2. One of my dogs is in a local production of Camelot, and Tuesday was his first rehearsal.  I frequently take photos during these rehearsals, I love capturing the actors on stage in the middle of their performances.  This is a scene between Guinevere and Pellinore.  I had my dog's leash in my other hand... Taken with Nikon D750, 35 mm lens.
3.  My favorite photo from the week - a completely stealth capture of my husband.  We were out to dinner with his parents and some visiting friends, and I realized I had not yet taken my photo for the day.  I pulled out my camera and took a few images across the table, and then started to put my camera away.  At the last second, I turned the lens toward my husband, who was sitting to my left, and this was the result.  I love it, and it got incredible reactions by anyone who saw it - but he does not like how he looks in it.  It makes me sad, because all I see is my handsome husband.  Taken with my Nikon D750, 35mm lens.
4.  I made a cute new friend when I stopped by a local boutique...a 10-week-old French bulldog puppy named Lilly.  Such a lovey little ball of energy, sharp puppy teeth, and sooo curious.  She kept jumping up into the lens, I had little nose marks all over it!  I had to share her little face with the world. Taken with my Nikon D750, I think it had my 35 mm lens on it because there was a fair amount of distortion I had to get rid of in post.
5.  It was pouring that morning, and I love the beach when the weather is like that.  I stopped by on my way home from my son's school, parked on the sand (we can drive out on the beach in certain areas,) and just watched for a few minutes.  It was insanely windy and the waves were angry and crashing, but it was just so beautiful.  Funny, the weather cleared up not long after this and turned sunny.  I took this from inside my car with my Nikon D750 and 35 mm lens.  
6.   I had a family/lifestyle/maternity session that day, which took place at my in-laws' home.  The family visiting them has two young boys who are ridiculously adorable and amusing, and they are expecting a baby girl quite soon.  We had a fun time playing around and I was able to get the parents and boys interacting in my in-laws' living room.  I love sessions like these so much more than the standard posed family setups.  They are so much more real, so much more natural.  The mom and I did a few images of her to document her pregnancy, and this was one of my favorite captures.  Taken with my Nikon D750 and 85 mm lens.
7.  We woke up to torrential downpour and dark skies, which was rather perfect for a Sunday morning. I'd been out with girlfriends the night before and loved the opportunity to snuggle in bed and not have to be anywhere.  By the time I finally dragged myself up and out of bed, I found my kids like this.  Evidently, my older son was perfecting his space station in Minecraft - he gave me a tour later, and it is pretty spectacular.  Right after the shutter clicked, said son looked up with a disgusted expression, and then raised the iPad to cover his face so I could not get any more shots.  My younger one did not even glance up through all of this.  Taken with Nikon D750 and 85 mm lens.  Thank goodness for the stellar low light performance of this camera - moments like these do not allow for any external lighting setup.    

Finding the extraordinary
This week really solidified that this exercise helps me to find the extraordinary moments in my ordinary day.  No mater how routine or mundane, there is at least one moment that stands out - and that is worth capturing, preserving, and reflecting upon.  Looking forward to finding the extraordinary this week!