Project 365(6) Week 4 Wrap Up: January 18 - 24, 2016

Last week was a bit of a struggle - it was one of those strange weeks that started off with great plans for organization and efficiency, but the implementation of those plans just never transpired.  It left me feeling lethargic and uninspired.  There were a couple of days where I really felt like I was only going through the motions, and that included my photographs for this project.  That said, I did capture a few gems.

Week 4: January 18 - 24, 2016

 In which I had to really search to find a worthy image for the day.

In which I had to really search to find a worthy image for the day.

1.  As I have mentioned previously, one of my dogs is in a local production of Camelot.  I volunteer at the theater as a photographer for cast/crew photos and dress rehearsals, but I have never been backstage.  For Monday's dress rehearsal, I got to be in the thick of it - it was so neat to see the other side of things at one of my favorite venues.  This image is from a backstage meeting to change a few things for an upcoming scene.  35mm lens used here.
2.  This production has some incredible costumes.  When I saw this tunic, I had to photograph it.  It is one of a few that an entire team of ladies knit and painted to resemble chain mail.  I cannot even begin to describe the intricacy in the piece.  It really does look like actual armor when on an actor.  I adored the combination of color and texture in the photo.  I chose to use my 105mm macro for this, as I really wanted to capture the detail of the knit.
3.  I had a photo shoot that day for an actor from the same theater (sense a theme here?)  He came by to do a series of head shots, and this is one of my favorite images I just had to edit right away.  I'm very into the high-key look lately, and I have recently discovered that my style of head shots and portraits is similar to that of Peter Hurley.  I was drawn to his work and have been using his tutorials and photographs to fine tune what I had already been doing.  I am always looking for willing subjects for this type of portraiture, and Mark, pictured here, is very confident in front of the camera and game to try various poses.  85mm lens used here.
4.  This is my 6.5 year old son, Nico.  He's a very theatrical kid, and highly amusing.  During the previous day's photo shoot with Mark, he kept lurking and watching from around the corner.  The next morning, he was dressed a bit more nice than typical for school, i.e. not in sweatpants or something super casual.  I asked him to hop in front of the backdrop that was still set up, and he asked me if I was going to do a "fancy" picture of him like I had done for Mark.  As I was setting up the softboxes, he started hamming it up and pretending to be a clothing model, so I had to stop what I was doing and take the picture.  That's why the lighting is a bit off, but I adore his expression, his toothlessness, his face.  It's just so HIM.  Technically imperfect but so perfectly Nico.  Taken with my 85mm.
5.  This was one of those days I was feeling terribly uninspired....a Friday.  I took my older son to his karate class, and when I saw Lexie, I had to take her photo.  I have known her since she was born and adore this kid.  Here, she is sprawled out in one of the viewing rooms, playing Minecraft on my phone.  She was a willing subject to show an example of what the kids do when their siblings are in class.  85 mm used here one again.  
6.  The week would never be complete without a photo of at least one of the doodles.  This is Oscar at the end of the day, upset that it's too cold out to do anything fun.  His face was basically how we were all feeling - while areas north of us were pounded by the snowstorm, we had icy, biting wind and even a few flurries.  It was one of those days where you just wanted to stay warm under blankets, have some soup, and be lazy.  The dogs were pretty much in this state of mind until it was time for Oscar to go to the theater for his few minutes on stage as Horrid.  He perked up quite a bit then!  Taken with my 85 mm.
7.  Another day of hiding inside.  It was still cold out, but sunny....but we were feeling terribly lazy once again.  Even a two hour loss of power did not make us want to leave the house.  This is my 9 year old son, Alex, working on a project I forced him to finish yesterday.  It's not due until Friday, but the week gets so busy that I knew it would be thrown together poorly if we waited.  His project is on Teddy Roosevelt, and we enjoyed researching some facts about him and finding photos for his presentation board.  I'm happy to say the substantive piece is done, and all he has to do is decorate.  Taken covertly with my 105 mm, as this child does not like to be photographed.  

More than anything, I am finding I might have to find new ways in which to challenge myself for this project.  The first few weeks presented many opportunities to take photos of the everyday, which is in and of itself a challenge.  Since my focus is lifestyle photography, I want to continue to make this a priority.  However, I feel like there are a few new things I would like to try.  I am going to try to incorporate those self-challenges, even if it is only one day a week or every other week, to try to push myself a bit more.

Until next week...