Project 365(6) Wrap Up: February 8 - 14, 2016

This was most definitely not my most creative week.  I came down with a bug on Tuesday evening that has taken the desire to do anything but sleep for the last 6 days.  Unfortunately, parents don't really get sick days, so I was unable to really get any rest until this weekend.  And even now, I am still. sick.  

Taking a new photo every day was a struggle, and while I did think about accessing some archives, I felt it defeated the purpose of the entire exercise.  My commitment was to take a new photo every day, preferably with my DSLR, so I stuck with it.  This resulted in a very uninspired week.

 In which I experience zero creativity.

In which I experience zero creativity.

Week 7: February 8 - 14, 2016

1.  This lovely candid portrait was captured at a rehearsal at a local theater - they put on an opera night every now and again, and I was there to photograph it.  Theater photography is one of my earliest loves, so it is no surprise that images from those sessions are typically favorites.  I thought it set a nice tone for the rest of the week, as well.
2.  My sassy (though exhausted - look under his eyes) younger son.  He was getting ready for bed when I asked him to help me with some new lighting I was playing with.  His pose is just so...HIM.  As are the camouflage PJs.  
3.  Here is where my creativity took a nose dive.  This photo of my older son is perfunctory, I think with a single light source, and is not my best work.  I just wanted to snap it and get it done.  Still, he's such a sweet kid - this was the first day I was feeling ill, and he kept checking on me to see if I needed anything, putting his hand on my forehead to see if I had a fever, giving me hugs, etc.  He and his brother were mildly ill, but thankfully nothing like me (or my poor husband.)  Regardless, this was a day I should have rested, but instead made about 60 cake pops, which exhausted me to much that I went to bed at 8:30, achy and shivering.  
4.  By this point, the kids were over posing for my boring portraits, and my husband was as sick as me.  So of course I hauled the doodles in front of the backdrops.  Poor dogs, they were clearly so not pleased - especially Oscar, the one on the right.  He's so obedient, though, he will do whatever I ask him to.  They were both handsomely rewarded for their cooperation. "
5.  Running out of ideas,  I turned to the three remaining (infamous) cake pops from Day 3.  I think this is the 6th or 7th year in a row I have made these as the Valentine treats for my kids' celebrations at school - a tradition they refuse to give up, even when I present them with new, less labor-intensive ideas.  Back in 2009 or 2010, started off making them very carefully.  Over the years, this has devloved into throwing them together as quickly as possible.  It did not help that I was not feeling well this year, either.  Result: super wonky cake pops.  The kids don't care, of course.  They just love how they taste.  
6.  A Saturday night spent in bed... what a glamorous life I lead.  This is one of the rare occasions I have pulled out my iPhone.  I was feeling so horribly that I did not want to get out of bed.  I had two options at this point: selfie or surroundings.  Quickly ruling out the first, I settled on the fourth memoir I intended to start in as many days.  (I'm a fast reader.)  I ended up putting Wise Guy on hold in favor of a third Scientology expose, which turned out to be fascinating.  I've started my fourth, I can't get enough.  (In case you are wondering, the first memoir I read was Teresa Giudice's new book about her time in Federal Prison.  I HAD to.  I'm a RHONJ fan and I'm not sorry.  #Dontjudge
7.  Yet another day down, and another day of me being OVER IT (I am rarely ill.)  My sweet husband did a donut run for the boys as a little treat, and brought me an enormous coffee - which I could barely taste, but hell, it was hot and soothing on my throat.  I managed to sneak a photo before one of my kids devoured it.  

Given that I am starting the week off still ill, I don't have a lot of ideas for a theme.  As with last week, I will probably just take it one day at a time and hopefully be able to get out more.  I need to be inspired.  

Until next week...